Which Villain Is the Strongest?

Villains will always be a source of repulsion and fascination for many fans. Since its inception in 1987, the Final Fantasy series has given us some genuinely memorable villains, each one as such and dangerous as the next. Fans have their favorites and debate rages on about which Final Fantasy baddie is the worst of the worst.

The discussions about the fascinating evil-doers of Final Fantasy will never stop, but some steadfast examination of the subject should show the readers which Final Fantasy villain is the strongest. With that being said, here are four villains of this beloved franchise that should never be taken lightly and would give even the most powerful bad guy a run for their money.

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Sephiroth Nearly Destroyed the World with Meteor

The Final Fantasy VII The villain, Sephiroth, has become a fan favorite not only for his icy demeanor and good looks but for his unconquerable drive to destroy the world. After discovering that he was cloned via the cells of a powerful alien named Jenova, Sephiroth swore revenge against the Shinra Corporation and the world itself. Sephiroth will stop at nothing to destroy the entire planet by utilizing the “black materia” to bring forth Meteor. This potent spell can call on a giant meteor to obliterate entire planets.

After being immersed in the lifestream, Sephiroth gained several abilities that made him a near-unstoppable foe. He can read minds, teleport anywhere, has immense strength, can use any magic and can control objects as well as people. He also wields a mighty sword called Masamune, which is shown to cut any object with ease and take down foes and monsters beyond his size. These abilities pale in comparison when he becomes a god-like being that can only be stopped via the powers of the “white materia,” which is the holy counterpart to Sephiroth’s nefarious black magic.

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Necron Is the Embodiment of Despair and Nihilism

Final Fantasy IX is a story about finding one’s place in the world. When things get dark and the characters question their existence (such as is the case with Vivi), it is essential to remember that life is what you make of it. It is fitting that the main villain of Final Fantasy IXNecron, is the physical embodiment of nihilism and despair, a god whose primary goal is to take the entirety of existence itself and reduce it to nothingness.

What makes Necron such a scary and powerful boss is that it can be defeated, but never truly dies. He might lose, but he will always exist. After all, he exists in every living thing because everyone, at some point, has felt despair. In a very calculated way, he views his destruction of the universe as an act of mercy since, in his mind, all living things cry out to be destroyed so that their despair will finally cease. Fighting a villain with magical powers and a deadly sword is one thing, but fighting a villain who exists everywhere and within everyone all at once is a terrifying thought. His name, Necron, means death and death is what he brings to all.

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Kefka Is Final Fantasy’s Strongest Villain

The mad clown general of Final Fantasy VI, Kefka Palazzo, may have started as a mere agent of chaos and sardonic humor (like a certain other clown of comic book notoriety). Still, by the halfway point of Final Fantasy VI, Kefka becomes chaos itself. Kefka, after disrupting the triad of gods on the floating continent, gained the power of a god himself, and thus began the age of ruin, where Kefka ruled the planet, turning it into a desolated wasteland filled with misery and pain.

Sephiroth may have tried to destroy the planet, and Necron acts more as a sad fact of life that has been made flesh, but both of them fail in their plans. They also, unlike Kefka, have solid motivations for their actions, whereas Kefka only does what he does because he finds pleasure in it. Inflicting misery and woe is his greatest joy, and during the first half of the game, he defeats the main heroes and even gains several cults of worship. Kefka has done what no other Final Fantasy villain could do by achieving his goal and ruling the world. The heroes were ultimately able to send this cackling clown to his grave, but not without much heartache and loss.

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