Where to Get White Jade Radishes

Want to know where to get White Jade Radishes in Tower of Fantasy? As you travel through the colorful world of the Tower of Fantasy, you can collect many different materials for cooking. Each material is unique and has properties that are useful in different game situations. Some are helpful raw, while others will give you powerful buffs if you cook them. But of those materials about which so far almost nothing is known, White Jade Radishes is just one of them. To get White Jade Radishes in Tower of Fantasyyou must go beyond the borders of the Aesperia continent, and our guide will help you with this.

Where to Get White Jade Radishes in Tower of Fantasy

First of all, it is worth noting that you will be able to use all the tips described below only towards the end of 2022. Although the location of White Jade Radishes is known, you will not be able to visit it yet, since players will only be able to unlock this location after the release of the global update at the end of 2022.

To get White Jade Radishes in the Tower of Fantasy, you must travel to the desert planet – Vera. This location is a desert with almost no vegetation, except for small islands of life called the Oasis. You must travel to the northern part of Vera and find Saltwater Oasis and Evil’s Clutch Oasis. You can find White Jade Radishes around the pools of these oases and nowhere else in the game world. But it is worth noting that once you get to the right place, you can farm a lot of White Jade Radishes since there are many of them in this place.

As for the properties of this plant, there is no information from the developers now. Whether it will be possible to eat White Jade Radishes raw or whether this material will need to be cooked remains a mystery. It is also unknown if dishes with White Jade Radishes will have any effects.


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So far, we can only assume that dishes with White Jade Radishes will give the effect of fire resistance. It so happened that most Tower of Fantasy products have a buff associated with the habitat. Therefore, Radishes growing under the hot sun can share their durability with the player.

In any case, we will be ready and tell you everything about the new region and all the innovations as soon as the addition appears in the game. Therefore, follow the site so as not to miss all the interest.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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