What does PPD mean in fantasy football? Explained

Did you review your fantasy team’s squad when you discovered PPD next to one of your players? Given that many fantasy owners don’t know what the acronym PPD represents, this could be a frustrating experience for them.

The three-letter abbreviation “PPD” stands for “postponed.” This phrase especially applies to situations where a game has been called off and has yet to begin. However, it can equally be used to describe a game that has already been postponed.

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PPD games are frequently postponed and won’t take place as scheduled. If there is a delay, keep in mind that it could be anything from a few minutes to many hours.

Even after the game’s scheduled start time, you can substitute another player from your squad for a player whose game has been formally postponed (PPD).

When will the NFL Week 17 Bills vs. Bengals game resume?

After Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field, the Monday Night Football match was called off. The Week 17 matchup between Buffalo and Cincinnati will not take place this week, the NFL confirmed on Tuesday. However, the league is yet to determine if or when it will restart.

As part of their statement, the NFL stated that no calendar modifications have yet been made for Week 18.

Play was stopped with just about 5 minutes played in the first quarter, with the Bengals leading 7-3.

After the cardiac arrest of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin during Monday night’s game, Cincinnati Bengals President Mike Brown stated that “the human side of our sport became crucial.”

It will be challenging to reschedule the game as it was contested a day after the primary Sunday schedule and because the 18th and concluding weekend of the regular season will begin this coming weekend.

It’s a tricky scenario because these two groups are still in contention for the second seed in the AFC and perhaps the top slot. The Bengals are now in third place with an 11-4 record, while the Buffalo Bills are currently second with a 12-3 record.

While this game may significantly impact the playoffs, the NFL will take its time to ponder the possibility of postponing it.


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