Week 17 & 18 Fantasy Football: Status Updates

We understand Yahoo Fantasy Football managers are awaiting news regarding the postponed Week 17 matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills. These are unprecedented circumstances so we wanted to provide as much clarity as we can while awaiting the NFL’s final decision on the game.

Here’s what you need to know if you are competing in a season-long fantasy league with active playoffs

  • Week 17 will be finalized and standings will update for now, but scoring updates will be applied once a decision regarding the Bills-Bengals game comes through. Waivers will be processed as normal for leagues playing in Week 18.

  • Yahoo will be honoring the official NFL Gamebook for Week 17 by issuing stat corrections to update our fantasy scores to match the official record.

  • If scoring corrections change the result of your Week 17 matchup, we will retroactively adjust our Week 18 matchups to reflect the change.

  • Payouts for Private and Public Prize Leagues will not be processed until a final decision is made by the NFL on the Bills-Bengals game status.

  • League commissioners have the choice to make manual changes through their COMMISSIONER TOOLS but we encourage commissioners to wait until the NFL delivers their official decision on the game.

  • If your league has any active Week 18 playoff matchups, you should set your lineup as usual.

The Week 17 Bills-Bengals game is currently in a postponed state. As such, all accumulated stats hold as is for now (as per official NFL gamebook).


  • If the game is declared final by the NFL and scored as is (meaning the score is finalized as 7-3), all fantasy points will remain as is.

  • If the game is canceled and stats are zeroed out by the NFL, all fantasy points accumulated in the Bills-Bengals game will be zeroed out to reflect the official record.


Waivers will be processed as normal for leagues playing in Week 18.

Thank you for choosing our platform for your fantasy experience and we truly appreciate your patience during this time.

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