Umbral Core’s Kickstarter campaign is now live melding stylish gothic fantasy and horror with an action-packed fighting game

If you’ve been on fighting game Twitter or attended Evo this year, you may have heard / seen rumblings of a dark new title in the works, and now it’s hopefully time to make that project a reality.

A Few Rounds Games recently launched their Kickstarter campaign for Umbral Core, and there’s a free demo available on Steam to take the dark fantasy / gothic horror fighting game for an early test drive.

Umbral Core states its gameplay blends together the rationality of Street Fighter with the fast pace of Guilty Gear and a dark world inspired by the Souls series, Castlevania and Berserk.

The game is a four-button 2.5D fighter with an emphasis on its fairly open-ended combo structure that allows for some stylish action along with a Burst system, EX specials, Supers and character-specific mechanics.

Rollback netcode, in-game frame data, visible hitboxes, custom online input delay, ultrawide support and an uncapped frame rate are all other features planned as well.

There are currently 6 characters planned for the initial release of Umbral Core although only Byron – The Blade of Loreos is available in the open alpha demo.

Should the game reach its funding goal, the developers plan to release it on PC and PlayStation in 2025 with a pledge of at least $30 needed to receive a copy upon launch.

The team is asking for $342,590 to reach its funding goal with the project currently sitting just shy of $25,000 from backers as of the time of reporting.

Umbral Core’s Kickstarter campaign is set to end on January 7, 2023 with funding achieved only if it reaches its goal.

You can find more information about the Umbral Core project in their official trailer below and on their Kickstarter page.


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