The satellite-free alternative to GPS

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00:45 Precision positioning without satellites

Satellite navigation has revolutionized how humans find their way. However, these systems often struggle in urban areas, where buildings can interfere with weak satellite signals. To counter this, a team has developed an alternative, satellite-free system, which could improve applications that require precise positioning in cities, such as self-driving cars.

Research Article: Koelemeij et al.

News and Views: Phone signals can help you find your way in cities even without GPS

09:19 Research Highlights

How deforestation is the biggest threat to a rare lemur’s existence, and ultraviolet-activated molecules can kick-start plastic polymerization.

Research Highlights: This rare primate will not survive deforestation

Research Highlights: Lights, chemical reaction! Plastics take shape with help from UV light

12:16 Briefing Chat

We discuss some highlights from the Nature Briefing. This time, a survey reveals the challenges facing international postgraduate students, and the key takeaways from COP27.

Nature Careers: Obstacle race: the barriers facing graduates who study abroad

Nature News: COP27 climate talks: what succeeded, what failed and what’s next

New York Times: UN Climate Talks End With a Deal to Pay Poor Nations for Damage

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