The all-time Washington State NFL team features 3 Hall of Famers

Washington State has produced NFL players whose names have been featured on the marquee.

Kicker Jason Hanson is the NFL’s fourth all-time leading scorer. Quarterback Drew Bledsoe started a Super Bowl and fullback Keith Lincoln was the MVP of an AFL championship game. Halfback Reuben Mayes was an NFL Rookie of the Year and defensive tackle Keith Millard the league’s Defensive Player of the Year. The Cougars also have produced Hall of Famers Pat Flaherty, Turk Edwards and Mel Hein.

But Washington State has turned out its share of players who have quietly gone about their business outside of the spotlight as well – grinders who cover kicks on special teams. The Cougars have sent two of the best to the NFL in Eric Frampton and Steve Gleason.


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