Taylor Swift is snubbing these 10 NFL teams in her new stadium tour

The world is in the grips of Midnights madness. Taylor Swift’s latest studio album is dominating charts like nothing has in history, currently owning all Top 10 spots on the Billboard 100.

Now, Swift has announced her first major stadium tour in five years — and before you get too excited, know there might be some bad blood that gets in the way of your mad love.

With a majority of NFL stadiums on the tour schedule there are 10 teams/cities who won’t get the opportunity to see Tay Tay live. It’s not a huge problem for some of these fans like in Cleveland, who need to make a relatively short drive to Cincinnati, but some poor souls will have to make a multi-state pilgrimage in order to be one of the lucky Swifies seeing her live .

Let’s be real, by the time you’re reading this tickets are already super sold out and you’ll be having to live for a seat on the secondary market. Still, in an effort to provide you with a service, here are the NFL cities getting left out of “The Eras Tour” and the nearest place you’ll need to travel in order to see Taylor live.

Every team snubbed by Taylor Swift (and where you need to go)

  • Baltimore, MD (Ravens): Need to travel to Philadelphia, PA — 1 hr 32 mins away
  • Buffalo, NY (Bills): Need to travel to East Rutherford, NJ — 6 hr 2 mins away
  • Charlotte, NC (Panthers): Need to travel to Atlanta, GA — 3 hr 56 mins away
  • Cleveland, OH (Browns): Need to travel to Cincinnati, OH — 3 hr 45 mins away
  • Green Bay, WI (Packers): Need to travel to Chicago, IL — 3 hr 21 mins away
  • Indianapolis, IN (Colts): Need to travel to Cincinnati, OH — 1 hr 44 mins away
  • Jacksonville, FL (Jaguars): Need to travel to Tampa, FL — 3 hr 20 mins away
  • Miami, FL (Dolphins): Need to travel to Tampa, FL — 3 hr 54 mins away
  • New Orleans (Saints): Need to travel to Houston, TX — 4 hr 8 mins away
  • Washington DC (Commanders): Need travel to Philadelphia, PA — 2 hr 8 mins away

Here are some fun facts based on the teams left out of Taylor’s new tour

  • Four teams need to travel to a division rival’s stadium to see Swift (Panthers, Bills, Browns, Packers)
  • The longest trip is for Bills fans, who only have to go one state over — while Commanders fans will need to travel through Maryland and Delaware to get to Pennsylvania in just over a third of the time.
  • FedEx Field missing out is the second major snub for Dan Snyder’s stadium after he also missed out on hosting any games for the 2026 World Cup.
  • David Tepper boasted that he brought live music to Charlottebut Swift is not stopping at Bank of America Stadium

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