Jeremy Renner’s acting career in Hollywood ‘is no longer worth it’ after the skiing accident

Jeremy, 52, suffered more than 30 broken bones after being crushed by a seven-ton snowmobile on New Year’s Day at his Lake Tahoe home. has exclusively learned that his accident has caused a change in perception and that ‘Hollywood is no longer a priority’. The Avengers star is awaiting the release of his latest … Read more

Starlink ends its unlimited satellite Internet data policy as download speeds keep dropping

Starting in December 2022, Starlink satellite Internet subscribers who use more than 1TB of data per month will see their speeds throttled in peak 7AM-11PM hours. Usage in the off-peak hours of 11PM-7AM does not count towards the allotment, as a way to coax subscribers into moving their heavy downloads during the night time. According … Read more