Britain’s ‘Swiss-style relationship’ with the EU is a fantasy

Brexit has consumed four prime ministers – David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Liz Truss. Now, if the Sunday Times is to be believed, Rishi Sunak may be considering a “Swiss-style relationship” with the EU as a way of improving trade access. Of course the briefing given to the Sunday Times’s veteran political reporters, … Read more

Brexiteer fantasy of low-tax, Singapore-style economy gets slapped down by markets – The Irish Times

In the early 1980s, France went on a solo run economically, adopting a strongly socialist agenda of increased spending, nationalization and tax hikes, only to find itself whipped back into line in the most brutal of fashions. The then government led by François Mitterrand came to power promising to jump-start France’s ailing economy and reduce … Read more