Stephen Curry responds to Mike James calling him “one dimensional”

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Stephen Curry – four NBA championships, two MVPs, Finals MVP, greatest shooter the game has ever seen – is one-dimensional.

At least sometimes, according to former NBA player Mike James, who currently plays for Monaco in the French league. James went on the “Players Choice: We are not the same” podcast and, while not exactly ripping Curry, did take a shot at him when asked to pick his top five players in the game. As his five, James chose his close friend Kevin Durant, then rounded out the team with LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Luka Doncic. That left off Curry and Nikola Jokic. When asked about no Curry, James said:

“I feel like Jokic and Steph are just a little bit below those other five. But obviously they’re still amazing… Steph’s like how he plays and how he gets stuff off it’s just kind of one-dimensional at times if that makes sense… He’s not the primary ball handler a lot and for a point guard that kind of bothers me. But he does score off the dribbles. He’s a superstar. “

You know that one-dimensional comment was going to get back to Curry.

Curry had played some 1-on-1 against a few of the youth at his annual Curry Camp this week, and when asked about it he brought up the one-dimensional comment and owned his pettiness over it.

“It’s all bad for them. All bad for them, even as one-dimensional as I am [starts laughing]. I’m petty though, so petty. I’m so petty. Keep it going. I like that one a lot though, sorry. “

Like all the greats, Curry finds his motivation where he can get it. Mike James kindly provided some fuel for Curry’s fire.

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