Starfield Lets You Fulfill the Ultimate Sci-Fi Fantasy of Owning a Home

What we do not know for sure at this time is whether or not the ability to own a home is limited to whether or not you pick the Starter Home trait. The wording of that trait makes it sound like it’s simply the quickest way to purchase some property in the game, but that description does not offer any additional information on other homes that may be available in the game or how you might eventually acquire them.

Interestingly, though, Todd Howard did describe the bases you are able to build in Starfield as your “home away from home,” which does tend to suggest that the game will allow all players to eventually own a home regardless of whether or not they pick that trait. Furthermore, it suggests that bases and outposts are treated separately from those owned homes. If Starfield‘s property system is anything like the property systems in other Bethesda RPGs, you’ll likely eventually have access to several homes of varying size and quality that all carry different price tags. You’ll probably even be able to decorate and customize them.

That’s where the whole “GalBank” thing comes into play. Now, that reference to an intergalactic bank could just be a simple bit of roleplaying / worldbuilding that doesn’t amount to much. In other words, there could be an institution called the “GalBank” where your money magically goes when you purchase a home.

However, it’s worth noting that the second Elder Scrolls game (1996’s Daggerfall) did include a feature that let you take out a mortgage on a home and pay back the game’s bank. While we do not know if Starfields banking system will be as deep and important as it was in Daggerfall (gold had weight in that game, so you constantly had to make withdraws and deposits to avoid being over-encumbered), it does sound like the basics of that game’s banking system will return. To put it another way, it sounds like Starfield may utilize a kind of Animal Crossing system where you need to make payments on your house over time by earning money from activities. You may even be able to gradually expand your home like you can in that game.

In any case, the ability to own homes in Starfield is just another one of the many ways that the game is shaping up to be a kind of ultimate tribute to the history of Bethesda’s RPGs presented on a scale that the company has never really dared to try before. Let’s hope it all works out for the best.

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