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The Bryan-College Station Public Library System is hoping to start a satellite neighborhood library at the Lake Walk development in Bryan with the help of the community and partnerships in the city.

The satellite library would be in a vacant 2,371 square-foot building space between the POV Coffee House and the Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley along Lake Atlas Drive, according to Bea Saba, director for the library system.

“We wanted to provide an opportunity to collaborate and build a space that we think will have access to all of the things that other locations will have access to. This isn’t going to be your typical library, it will be a satellite location where we will have the popular books, where we will have sort of the community collaboration [and] will have a unique collection and play-to-learn activities, ”she said. “We will have two different rooms, a children’s room and an adult room area, and it will have access to technology and community space.”

The potential Lake Walk library was presented to the Bryan City Council during a previous workshop meeting, and Saba said the library system is seeking partnerships to help make it a reality. The estimated cost of the library is $ 250,000 for construction, furniture, fixtures and equipment, she said.

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However, the library system is currently partnering with the Friends of the BCS Public Library System, the Bryan Business Council and residents in the community to fund the library. City staff said if the project is ultimately approved, additional funding could be provided by the city for continued operations.

“The proposition for the Lake Walk project began after identifying the growth in Bryan and the Lake Walk community which has developed into a premier mixed use development community,” she said. “Lake Walk has this premiere destination and it is very community focused; it has dining, hospitality, retail, wellness, and it is a destination place that people call home. They have homes in the surrounding area and it is a place where people want to ‘live, work and play’ as a community. ”

When guests visit, they can use the internet, read a book, attend classes, events and book clubs and participate in story time for children, Saba said. This library will provide an opportunity to create a space that people will want to go to, and it is an investment that the community can make, she said.

“We have adapted over the years so we are not your brick-and-mortar libraries any longer; Our resources are not always tangible and we also have a lot of electronic books that people can check out, so we meet people where they are at, ”Saba said. “Having the community support in knowing that libraries are significant and it is lifelong learning for all, not just for a group of individuals, it is for all communities. I think we all benefit when we have a library card because there is knowledge to be learned regardless of where you come from, regardless of what you are looking for and it is totally free, so community support is great. ”

With community engagement, the library system can support arts, culture and creativity, Saba said. She hopes that this library will be digitally inclusive in making sure it “helps close that digital gap.”

At the moment there is not a name for the new library, she said, which may foster opportunities for those interested in funding at different levels.

“We are trying to not only partner with corporate businesses, but we are also trying to get individual funding because this is a community library, and the support of the community is so important and needed to build our space,” she said.

Saba said there is no specific timeline to start the project, however, those who want to help fund the project can contact her at 209-5611 or email for more details.


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