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A prominent French physicist has been forced to apologize for an image taken from NASA’s new space telescope but is actually part of a chorizo.

Etienne Klein, the famous philosopher and director of research at the French Atomic Energy Commission, told his followers that “no creature on earth is of the Spanish charcuterie anywhere.”

On Sunday, he posted a tweet claiming that this was the latest stunning image from the James Webb Space Telescope of the star Proxima Centauri.

The image claims to show a red ball of angry cosmic energy, filled with a dazzling solar storm that shimmers on the surface of a neighboring star.

“Image of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun, 4.2 light years from us,” Klein wrote on Twitter.

It was picked up by JWST. This level of detail… New worlds are emerging day by day.

This is the image that Etienne Klein, the renowned physicist, philosopher and research director of the French Atomic Energy Commission, posted on Twitter, claiming that – jokingly – it is the latest stunning image from the advanced James Webb Space Telescope of the star. Proxima Centauri

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of our Sun on January 8, 2022

tienne Klein, renowned philosopher and director of research at the French Atomic Energy Authority

This image is similar to the popular image of the Sun taken by the European Space Agency’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI), which captured the details of a solar storm on the surface of our star at a distance of 75 million miles.

The closest star to Earth, Proxima Centauri, is 5.9 trillion miles away.

While most Twitter users may feel that the photo posted by the eminent physicist is actually a piece of Spanish sausage, others are more naive.

Posting a photo of a distant star, a user said, ‘This is the last photo of Proxima Centauri. “It’s a huge step forward.”

Another wrote: ‘I don’t know if this is a joke or Proxima really looks like Chorizo.

However, Twitter user Ned Boeuf was not fooled. “Fake, it’s a piece of chorizo.”

After this the reaction started on Twitter.

An angry response ensued: “On the part of the Director of Scientific Research, it is completely inappropriate to share this sort of thing without first determining from the tweet that it is false information when you know how quickly misinformation spreads. “

A Twitter user JWST. Impressed by the enormous advances in space telescopes offered by

This user is more skeptical but still doubts whether this is a joke or serious

However, not everyone is deceived

The backlash began with users accusing Klein of spreading misinformation

“In fact, the loss of resolution is what makes jokes more believable and therefore more toxic!” Write a post

Klein acknowledged that many users do not understand his jokes, which he said were only meant to encourage people to ask questions and did not automatically elicit a “fluent picture” from those in power.

On Wednesday, he wrote an apology.

He wrote to his 89,200 followers on Twitter: ‘Looking at some of the comments I feel compelled to explain that this tweet shows that the alleged Proxima Centauri shot is a bit strange.

“Let us learn to be as wary of arguments from authorities as we are from the spontaneous rhetoric of certain images…”

“Well, when it comes to appetizers, it seems my cognitive bias is having a field day…

Elon Musk posted this meme last month mocking JWST’s astronomy photo

Be careful with them. According to contemporary cosmology, there is no object belonging to the Spanish charcuterie anywhere on Earth.

Describing the post as a “scientific joke”, he said, “I have come here to apologize to those who may have been shocked by my joke, which is not real.”

Previously, the James Webb Space Telescope published a capture of the Cartwheel galaxy and its companion galaxy (“currently real”).

“Located 500 million light-years away, it is undoubtedly a back spiral, but it took on this strange form after the galaxies’ mass accretion.”

Last month, Elon Musk posted a meme mocking JWST, comparing a granite slab in the kitchen to a photo of space, in a light-hearted joke aimed at NASA.

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