No iPhone 14 Mini, satellite connectivity in iPhone 14 to Apple Watch Pro body temperature sensor: Top expectations from Apple’s Far Out event 2022

Apple will finally put all the rumors and conjectures to rest with its iPhone 14 launch event tonight. The company is said to announce a range of new devices this year including new iPhones, Airpods, and Smartwatches.

Apple has named this year’s event “Far Out” and will most likely host it at the Steve Jobs Theater located at its Cupertino campus. The event starts at 10:30 PM India time. This will be Apple’s third big event of this year and will have the presence of select media members. Others can watch online on, Apple’s YouTube channel, and the Apple TV app.

Last few months have mostly been about Apple rumours. The readers have come across various reports on rumors around the design, feature, functionality and more of the upcoming Apple devices. These conjectures have kept us on the edge of our seats and only doubled our excitement. Before the big launch of tonight, here’s five big expectations from Apple Far Out event 2022.

No Mini variant this year: This is by far one of the biggest rumors around the event. While the Internet is still divided on this with some saying Apple could continue with Mini models, a majority claims that Apple could drop the Mini variant this year considering the poor sales of iPhone Mini in the last two years.

iPhone 14 to have eSIM instead of physical SIMs– Apple iPhone 14 is rumored to drop physical SIM cards in favor of eSIM. There are talks that Apple has warned carriers that it will be focusing on shipping the iPhone 14 with embedded SIMs. The rumors of Apple bringing eSIM in phones isn’t new. The company has long been planning to do so. However, it remains unclear if Apple will take a swift approach by completely removing the SIM slots and adding embedded SIM in iPhone 14 or follow a smooth transition by keeping both eSIM and physical SIM in the phone like the iPhone 13.

Satellite connectivity: It is all over the Internet that the next-generation of iPhones could have satellite connectivity. The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are said to have a satellite connectivity feature, that allows users to directly connect to an overhead satellite and act as a satellite phone. While Apple won’t allow users to use Internet or place long calls with this, the feature will come handy for sending distress messages during emergencies in no network coverage area. According to famous Apple Leakster Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple had already readied the hardware for satellite communication in iPhone 13 but could not make it live due to failed partnership with service provider. Kuo claims that this year the company could join hands with Globalstar to offer its satellite services. For the India market, Apple will have to hustle harder as the country has a restriction on using satellite phones. It will have to take approvals from multiple authorities including an NOC from Telecom department to implement the technology.

Apple Watch Pro rugged model: Apple is expected to unveil a rugged Apple Watch Pro model alongside the new Apple Watch Series 8. The Apple Watch Pro is said to feature a 7 percent larger displayand atitanium casing. The rugged Apple Watch is believed to be more durable than the regular Apple Watch. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also says that the new model will have a rectangular display and not circular. It is said to feature a 2-inch display compared to the 1.78-inch display on the Apple Watch Series 6 and boast a bigger battery that should extend its battery life beyond 18 hours for the first time.

Temperature monitor in Apple Watch 8 Series: The next-gen Apple Watch 8 series is said to debut with a temperature sensor. Apple already has an approved patent for temperature gradient sensing in portable electronic devices and the company is most likely to implement this in the upcoming smartwatches.

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