NHL Draft Guide 2022: Prospect rankings, mock drafts and more

The Montreal Canadiens have the No. 1 pick in the 2022 NHL Draft, which is scheduled for July 7-8.

The Athletic‘s staff, led by the endless research of prospects writers Corey Pronman and Scott Wheeler, will provide insight, including an in-depth look at the top draft-eligible prospects and the impact these players could have on an NHL team.

This page will continue to update through the conclusion of the draft.

The top prospects

Corey Pronman’s most recent ranking
Corey Pronman ranks the top 127 draft-eligible players in the 2022 NHL Draft.

Scott Wheeler’s final ranking
Scott Wheeler’s final ranking for this year’s draft class is made up of 68 forwards, 32 defencemen and zero goalies.

NHL Draft Confidential: What scouts and executives think about the No. 1 pick and more
Who should go No. 1? How high can Cutter Gauthier go? What Corey Pronman is hearing about the top prospects ahead of the draft.

Pronman vs. Wheeler: Debating the top prospects in the 2022 NHL Draft
Corey Pronman and Scott Wheeler debate Juraj Slafkovsky, Cutter Gauthier and other top prospects they disagree about in this year’s draft.

Wheeler: 10 NHL Draft prospects of interest who missed my top-100 ranking
Players who didn’t make Scott Wheeler’s final draft ranking but who have interesting skills that make them stand out.

Best skaters? Top shots? Corey Pronman ranks the 2022 draft-eligibles by skill
Which prospects are the best skaters, have the best puck skills, hockey sense, shot, and are the most physically dominant?

Which NHL Draft prospects have the most upside? Pronman ranks the top 31
Corey Pronman ranks this year’s draft-eligible players based solely on their tools.

Shane Wright. (Chris Tanouye / Getty Images)

Mock Drafts

Staff Mock 2.0 (June 22)

Dueling two-round mock draft: Corey Pronman and an NHL source predict the 2022 NHL Draft (June 20)

Scott Wheeler’s Mock Draft (June 13)

Corey Pronman’s Mock Draft 2.0: First-round picks, analysis (June 7)

Corey Pronman’s Mock Draft 1.0: The entire first round (May 17)

Staff Mock: Lottery picks (May 10)

Scouting reports

Shane Wright: The makings of the likely No. 1 pick | What makes Shane Wright special

JuRaj Slafkovsky: Slakvosky vs. Wright and the decision for the No. 1 pick

Logan Cooley
From local star to national team-leading scorer to top NHL Draft prospect, Cooley’s left the same humble impression everywhere he’s gone.

Conor Geekie
On the origina story of a 6-foot-3, 196-pound center.

Matthew Savoie

Frank Nazar

Kevin Korchinski
Why Korchinski’s upside might be “unparalleled” in this year’s draft

Rutger McGroarty
Meet Rutger McGroarty, the Nebraska kid making history on his way to the draft

Isaac Howard
Howard has proven he’s not just a first-rounder, he’s one of the very best players in the 2022 NHL Draft class.

David Goyette
How Goyette has emerged as a bonafide star and a potential first-round pick.

Tristan Luneau
Luneau’s season began with a knee procedure but ended with him averaging a team-high 25:33 and posting six points in seven playoff games.

Danny Zhilkin
Why Zhilkin could be taken in the first two rounds.

Lane Hutson
Lane Hutson might be small in stature, but his game could translate well to the NHL.

Mats Lindgren
What makes Mats Lindgren Jr. different than most other players is his hockey journey and where it’s taken him.

Vinzenz Rohrer
No one in the 2022 NHL Draft class has traveled a road to Montreal quite like that of “fearless” center Vinzenz Rohrer.

Nicholas Moldenhauer
Sidelined with illness and injury for much of his draft year, Moldenhauer is embarking on the biggest week of his life at the U18 Worlds.

Need to know

Who has the most to win (and lose)?
Who’s the crown jewel for the team with the No. 1 pick?

What is the scouting process for NHL Draft prospects? Everything you need to know
Scott Wheeler explains how he dissects the game and its players in order to put together his draft rankings.

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