Netflix Cancels Yet Another Fantasy Favorite and Initiates a Firestorm Online

Netflix’s seeming commitment to scrubbing its selection of everything fantasy offering is spurring pushback from its user base, many of whom were furious to learn of yet another high-profile cancellation.

The streamer has canceled a huge number of popular fantasy properties over the last two years, and 1899 is just the latest in a string of shows that ended too soon. News that it, like so many before, will not get a second season has fans up in arms, and rethinking their monthly subscription costs. The latest cancellation once again spurred ire among fanbases like those for Warrior Nunanother ill-fated Netflix favorite, particularly after the first season ended on a tantalizing cliffhanger.

1899 ends on a cliffhanger, and leaves audiences wanting more

Photo via Netflix

Netflix’s latest mind-bending fantasy endeavor is leaving audiences thirsty for more, after 1899‘s first season ended on a thrilling cliffhanger. The historical mystery topped lists across the globe, after it arrived on Netflix, but that didn’t stop the streamer from pulling the plug on the widely-popular show. Its decision to do so after leaving so many plot points unresolved is particularly controversial, but Netflix doesn’t really seem to care.

1899 joins dozens of Netflix fantasy endeavors on the chopping block

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1899‘s cancellation really shouldn’t come as a surprise, given Netflix’s lack of faith in its fantasy properties, but that isn’t stopping its fans from reacting in outrage. The show became Netflix’s first casualty of 2023, following its cancellation, but it is far from alone. The show serves as the 25th fantasy series to get the ax in the last three years, thanks to Netflix’s seeming vendetta against the genre, and fantasy fans are starting to put their faith elsewhere.

Yet another cancellation stokes the ire of the Warrior Nun fanbase

warrior nun
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The decision to cancel 1899 is sending shockwaves far beyond the show’s newly minted fanbase. It’s stirring up a fresh wave of outrage among fans of another recently-cancelled Netflix series, and the Warrior Nun fanbase has plenty of anger to go around. Netflix did the hugely popular show dirty in canceling it after only two seasons, despite its sky-high viewership numbers, and subscribers are starting to resent the streaming service.

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