“NBA 2K23 is this realistic? Gotta cop!”: NBA Twitter reacts to Anthony Davis suffering Injuries in the latest 2K version

NBA Twitter is absolutely loving it as Anthony Davis receives a very accurate portrayal on the latest NBA 2K23

The NBA season has been over for around three months now. The fans cannot wait for the new season to start soon. In the meanwhile, the fans, just like always, are looking for something to keep the basketball fanatic in them satisfied. Last year, it was the Tokyo Olympics that helped us get through. This year, we have the FIBA ​​EuroBasket and their Americas cup.

In order to utilize the fan’s impatience for the seasons, NBA 2K, just like always, released their new edition on September 9th. NBA 2K23 hit the shelves recently, and well, there have been quite a few things that have been said about the game.

One of the things people are really enjoying about the game is how realistic it truly is. I mean, ask Anthony Davis, he tried the same first hand. So did the fans, and they seem to be having an absolute blast.

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Fans get shocked by how realistically 2K23 portrays Anthony Davis

NBA 2K strives every year to get their game to be as realistic as possible. Sure, it’s not easy to program all the factors into the game, and we’re often left seeing things like Stephen Curry blocking Giannis Antetokounmpo in-game. However, it seems like they’ve programmed Anthony Davis perfectly.

After seeing the same, users were both surprised and shocked. Surprised that the game would actually put this in, and shocked by how realistic the same felt.

While this next clip has AD’s face cam edited in it, the gameplay is real, and well, the fans did their thing.

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While it’s fun and games for others, Lakers fans would hope AD can keep himself injury free this year, and help LeBron James capitalize on his 20th season.

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