MMA surgeon Dr. David Abbasi explains how slap fighting can cause severe brain trauma and CTE

Renowned sports doctor Dr. David Abbasi recently shared his take on the controversial sport of slap fighting. An orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, Dr. Abbasi is no stranger to the world of combat sports, having worked closely with various pro fighters.

Slap fighting has largely been slammed as a senseless sport, leaving athletes with no scope to defend themselves against direct strikes to the head. A recent video from a Romanian slap-fight contest showing abnormal swelling on an athlete’s face did not do much to improve the sport’s reputation.

Reacting to the video, Dr. Abbasi declared the swelling to be a hematoma, a pool of clotted blood. The Florida-based surgeon also noted that the way in which the victim’s head rocks with the impact of the slap can certainly lead to brain trauma. Dr. Abbasi said:

“Look at this poor man’s face. There is a giant hematoma, basically a collection of blood from the violentness of this guys slaps. Furthermore, when you look at these videos in slow motion, you can see this man’s jaw is getting rocked. Think about the brain on the inside, just getting knocked around like a pebble. I would certainly be concerned of CTE or other brain trauma.”

The athlete in the video appears to be Sorin Comsa, who seemingly went on to win the bout organized under the banner of RXF MMA.

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Dana White widely criticized for promoting slap fighting

Always known for caring a toss, Dana White did not hesitate before venturing into the controversial sport of slap fighting by launching the Power Slap League. However, the UFC boss further added to the controversy after being captured on camera slapping his wife multiple times.

While Power Slap League’s debut on TBS was pushed back a week, it finally aired on US cable TV on January 18.

White was widely condemned for promoting a sport that leaves CTE a mere possibility for athletes.

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub even claimed that the sport of MMA would sustain some damage as a result of White venturing into slap fighting. Former boxing promoter Sam Jones wrote:

“Nothing skilled about this at all it’s a free shot to someone’s head. Disgusting to be honest and a man in his position and the profile he has should no better!!”


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