MMA Fighter In Australia Grateful For Support After House Fire

An MMA fighter living in Australia is working to put his life back together after losing almost everything he owned in a recent house fire.

Tanare Davis moved from New Zealand to Australia five years ago, eventually settling into a house in Kambalda after his first two years in the country. The 24-year-old told the Kalgoorlie Miner that he had “fallen in love” with the property after fixing up small things over the years, and he had even asked the owner about possibly purchasing the house.

Davis went to a friend’s house on the night of Saturday, November 12 and received an urgent text along with several calls early in the morning on Sunday informing him that his residence had burned down.

The MMA fighter was just up the road at his friend’s house, but neither of them heard anything to indicate there was fire. Understandably, the 24-year-old was deeply affected by the unexpected accident that robbed him of a place he had put a considerable amount of time and money into.

“It was a fucking shock. I was just shaking, I just couldn’t believe it.”

Davis has not been allowed to enter the premises while authorities investigate the cause of the fire, but the 24-year-old speculates that it may have originated in the gaming room he had recently finished putting together.

The MMA fighter was left with almost nothing, but the local community has provided support for the 24-year-old through donations.

“People donating socks and undies, it means a lot to me,” Davis told the Kalgoorlie Miner. “What I was left with after the house fire was my car, what I was wearing, just [sandals] and basic clothes and a phone. I mean already today I now have underwear and clothes just two days later.”

Davis’ house in the aftermath of the fire.

Davis has also received help from several friends that let him stay at their houses, and the superintendent at his job has arranged two months of lodging and meals to be provided for him.

The MMA fighter has already started the process of finding a new house, and after only living in Australia for a few years he’s grateful for the support he’s received after losing his home and possessions.

“All my blood family are in New Zealand, to almost be able to create your own friends and family in Kambalda, it’s huge.”

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