MLB insider claims this is Carlos Correa’s only opportunity to secure a huge payload

Carlos Correa’s deal with the New York Mets still hangs in the balance, as neither party has come up with a conclusive term as to whether or not the deal is moving in the best possible direction.

Here’s a quick rundown of where we are: Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants reached an agreement on a 13-year, $350 million contract on Dec. 14. They abruptly postponed Correa’s news conference six days later because they needed more time to address their concerns over his medical reports.

Resetting the Carlos Correa situation for 2023… just what in the heck is going on? Your questions answered:…

“For Correa, not signing now would mean risking never seeing anything close to that amount of money again,” Anthony DiComo recently tweeted.

Instead, Correa’s representative, Scott Boras, said goodbye to the Giants, spoke with Mets owner Steve Cohen and agreed to a 12-year, $315 million contract with the team.

This occurred early on December 21, and Correa took a flight to New York the following day to get his physical. The transaction has been kept away from the crowd by the Mets, who, like the Giants, were concerned about Correa’s medical reports.

What’s the story behind closed doors of the Mets organization regarding Carlos Correa’s contract?

Athletes normally travel to their new team’s facility for a physical and to sign the contract after reaching an agreement with teams. Almost always, this procedure is really a formality. It only does not in rare cases.

“Both the Mets and TeamCJCorrea have far, FAR to much to lose by not completing this deal somehow,” TheKingSource recently tweeted.

Carlos Correa’s right ankle, which underwent surgery while he was playing in the minor leagues in 2014, is apparently causing the Mets anxiety. The ankle issue has not kept him out of action over the previous eight seasons, despite the fact that it hurt him as he slid into second base in September.

Correa’s deal lasts longer than a year. If it did, there probably wouldn’t be a problem. The Mets must have faith in his ability to stay somewhat healthy over the duration of this 12-year commitment. It’s a major deal if they have reason to think Correa’s ankle problem may hinder him in five or six years.

The most logical course of action would be for the parties to negotiate new language safeguarding the Mets from Carlos Correa’s potential career-ending ankle injury into the player’s contract. But doing that in a way that will please the team and the players is tough, which is partly why this process is taking so long.

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