MLB Analyst Recalls A Preseason Threat From The League

(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

The 2022 MLB season has transpired in relative normality.

Yes, the calendar was tight sometimes, but every team made it through late September and will play 162 games.

If you remember correctly, there was a time in early March in which MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred was threatening to call off some games in order to incentivize the Players Association into taking their offer.

A few days later, both parties were able to agree on a 162-game calendar, but things got ugly at one point.

We didn’t know if the season was going to have 140 games, 120, or if there would be a season to begin with.

Now, imagine a scenario in which games had to be called off by Manfred.

How would they deal with Aaron Judge’s current pursuit of Roger Maris’ American League record for most homers in a single season?

“Could you guys imagine if this actually happened and Judge finished with like 58 homers in 140 games or something?,” MLB analyst Jeremy Frank tweeted on Friday.

What Would Have Happened?

It would have been an interesting scenario, to say the least.

Thankfully, both sides agreed to overcome their differences in a span of days, and those hypothetical situations were able to be avoided.

Judge will have a fair shot at establishing a new AL and franchise record for home runs in a year.

He is currently at 60, with a little over a week’s worth of games remaining on the calendar.

Barry Bonds’ 73 are probably out of reach, but it would be cool to watch Judge break Maris’ record and establish a new high, which would also be the best non-steroid era tally.

He resumes his quest tonight, when the Yankees face the Boston Red Sox.

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