Miami Dolphins vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Yahoo Betting Analyst Pam Maldonado joins Fantasy Football Live to offer a pair of player propositions as the Chargers host the Dolphins in week 14.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: And I’m joined– I’m pleased to be joined by the great Pam Maldonado. She is going to help us make sense of our prime time games this week. One of those games is really fun. The guys just discussed it. The other is kind of sad.

Let’s start with the good times on Sunday night. And you’ve found a line for Austin Ekeler that you really like.

PAMELA MALDONADO: Yeah, I love running back Austin Ekeler over 5 and 1/2 receptions. This is all hands on deck for the Chargers, who absolutely need to keep pace with a high, potent passing offense from the Dolphins.

Ekeler has hit this total in eight games this season, including double digit receptions in three, two of which were at home. So that’s definitely to his benefit for this week. And we know that Miami’s offense is really susceptible this season, but they are bottom five in opponent completion percentage when traveling. So as bad as defense has been for Miami, they’re even worse when they’re on the road.

And just last week, Miami’s defense was gashed by the 49ers’ running back in Christian McCaffrey, 8 receptions, 80 receiving yards, plus 1 score. If they do implement more of that checkdown and screens, then Chargers quarterback in Justin Herbert and Ekeler could definitely have a big day.

I’m definitely looking forward to this game. This is one of the most intriguing ones of the week.


ANDY BEHRENS: OK, you found a prop on Tyreek Hill that I like so much that as soon as I saw it in the notes for the show, I just bet it right away. I didn’t even wait for your case. This is a great one. Talk to us about Tyreek Hill. Auto-bet Tyreek Hill over longest interception. It’s just 28 and 1/2 for this week. Dolphins wide receiver Hill, he has six 100-yard receiving games this season.

But once Hill enters that cheetah mode, which is something that we love to see as spectators, as fans, there’s absolutely no stopping him. He’s hit over this total in back to back games six times this season, five of which have come on the road.

You can worry– this is the question mark for the week is that you can worry that quarterback for the Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa, that he lost some of that confidence that he typically has after a dreadful performance against the number one defense in the league in the Niners. Well, the Chargers are a complete opposite of that.

The Bolts’ defense is allowing a gain of 20-plus yards at the highest rate in the league and has allowed over this total to six different wide receivers in the last three games alone. So not only is this a spot for Tua Tagovailoa to get his confidence back and some, but with Hill, he’s definitely going to be the benefactor in this matchup. Hill is set up for elite production today.

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