México and EE.UU. They will work on a pilot program for semiconductor inputs

Ciudad de México, Sep 12 (EFE).- Mexico and the United States will work on a pilot program to determine the viability of bringing semiconductor input production centers closer, the governments of both countries informed in a joint statement this Monday.

In addition, they agreed to face climate change “accelerating the transition to clean energy, particularly through the adoption of vehicles with zero emissions”.

This Monday, the Mexican Government and the United States fought a dispute over the nationalist energy policy of Mexico to announce integration plans in the production of semiconductor chips, electric cars and, including, lithium.

“Todos los partners que trabajan con nosotros podemos también no estar acuerdo en ciertos temas, pero siempre vamos trabajar para poder solusion esto in forma practica”, declared in a conference the Secretary of State of the EU, Antony Blinken, tras su visita a México.

Blinken ofreció una rueda de prensa conjunta con la secretaria estadounidense de Comercio, Gina Raimondo; the mexicano chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard, and the mexicana secretary of economy, Tatiana Clouthier, después del Diálogo Económico de Alto Nivel (DEAN) en la capital mexicana.

In the meeting, American officials asked Mexico to join the plan of the American president, Joe Biden, to manufacture semiconductor chips in the region and that 50% of the cars built in 2030 will be electric. las empresas y trabajadores de México con la Ley de Chips, que subsidia a esta industria en EE.UU. with 52,000 million dollars, and the Inflation Reduction Law, which offers incentives to buy electric cars.

In addition to economic issues, Blinken and the Mexican Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard discussed in a bilateral meeting migration, the fentanyl trade, the security dialogue that will be held in Washington in October and the summit of leaders of North America that will be held in Mexico in December

“Relativo a seguridad, I would say very briefly that there is an action plan for the first time together with Mexico and the United States, and the meeting that we have in October is to exchange the results that we have,” mentioned Ebrard.

After the meeting with Ebrard, Blinken headed to the National Palace to support a meeting with the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

El DEAN impulas economic and strategic commercial priorities for Mexico and the United States with the aim of promoting development and economic growth, creating jobs, improving competitiveness and reducing inequality in both countries.

On September 9, 2021, the United States and Mexico resumed the DEAN in Washington, a mechanism that had been on hiatus since 2016 and with which both countries are seeking to strengthen their economic and commercial relations and boost investments and employment in Central America.

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