Logan Paul teases MMA fight with Andrew Tate

Logan Paul has shared a vision he had of what would happen if he fought Andrew Tate in MMA.

When it comes to ‘controversial’ figures in the world of combat sports, many of the biggest names are people who don’t actively compete.

The perfect examples of that, of course, would be the Paul brothers and Andrew Tate.

Tate, in particular, has been making headlines for well over a year now. The former kickboxing star has been heavily criticized for some of his previous comments, with many deeming him to be misogynistic.

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This has led to an extended feud between himself and, well, quite a few members of the boxing and mixed martial arts community.

Jake Paul has even squared off with Tate, heavily teasing a boxing showdown between them in the process.

Logan, meanwhile, hasn’t been shy when calling Andrew out, to the point whereby he’s even had a vision of what a bout between the two would look like.

Video: Logan Paul sets out Andrew Tate vision

“I had this vision this morning, real vivid in my head,” Paul said. “Me and Andrew Tate finally did it, we finally signed up for an MMA fight. I’m coming in hot, fast – I had this dream, I choked him out in 15 seconds, I’m not kidding, 15 seconds.

“And then, in this vision, I stood up, I looked up at him and I was almost disappointed for him because I think that’s what would happen. I think I’d destroy him quickly and then be like ‘that was the Top G, that was the guy?’ You know what I did? I grabbed the fence and I didn’t move.

“I didn’t get that far [thinking about post-fight interview]. I’m sure something like that would happen but yeah, I like thinking about these possibilities of us fighting. They excite me.”

Could it happen?

An MMA fight may be out of the question given that boxing is the primary ‘celebrity’ craze right now, and even in that sense, Jake feels like the most likely option given that he’d probably serve as a tougher test.

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Plus, Logan is currently recovering after sustaining a handful of injuries during his WWE universal championship match against Roman Reigns.

When he does return to active competition, it’ll most likely be in pro wrestling – with WrestleMania being his target.

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