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As soon as last season ended and this year’s roster began to be assembled, it was clear that the defense had a chance to be the strength of the team. A lot of firepower was returning at all three levels.

Yes, there are still some question marks at a couple spots. But Kansas State hasn’t had the top-end attention or name recognition that they possess on that side of the ball in quite some time.

That points to any one of Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Eli Huggins, Daniel Green or Julius Brents.

Ekow Boye-Doe is another. And he’s a believer in what they will be trotting out on the gridiron on Saturdays this season. He was recently asked how good they could be this year and his answer was that the sky was the limit.

He is in love with both their talent and their leadership. They’re also playing a lot faster after being in the new defensive scheme another season.

A lot of time has elapsed since the Spring. They know more and more about their defensive scheme. They’re more comfortable and the Wildcats are able to just look at the pictures and instinctually play when they weren’t able to do so a year ago.

And for Boye-Doe, specifically, the game has slowed down a lot for him because his understanding of the game and football IQ has grown significantly. His confidence couldn’t be higher.

Ekow Boye-Doe (Kansas State Athletics)


It’s not just the star power, though. I asked about Boye-Doe about the depth behind him and Brents and he couldn’t be more complimentary about the next layer of cornerbacks on the K-State roster.

According to him, he’s excited a lot of guys. However, he made time to mention three by name and they were Omar Daniels, Jordan Wright and Jacob Parrish. Daniels is in just his second year. Wright is a transfer addition and Parrish is a true freshman.

Boye-Doe called Daniels a great player. He was pushing for time early last season but then was injured during preseason camp. Wright picked the Wildcats over Florida State during his recruitment, and Parrish is a fast newcomer who was just at Olathe North a year ago.

Yes, Parrish could play this season, according to all of Van Malone, Joe Klanderman, Chris Klieman and Boye-Doe. He’s picking up things quickly and his speed on the perimeter is blazing.

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“In my mind, there’s nobody that I can’t guard”.

That is the attitude of Boye-Doe this season. He’s as confident as he’s ever been in Manhattan and isn’t worried about a single Big 12 receiver. It isn’t just Julius Brents that is the elite corner at Kansas State.

Brents is a hard worker, an ideal athlete, long, tall, fast and the full package, but he pushes Boye-Doe to be even better and they have made each other two of the best cornerbacks in the country.

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