Kansas State Wildcats football basketball recruiting Collin Dunn Jerome Tang Desi Sills Kade McIntyre

1. JEROME TANG: After being stuck on eight players for the 2022-2023 roster for quite a while, Kansas State tacked on two more players during the week, including guard Desi Sills that should provide scoring production on the perimeter.

2. SEC: If counting Texas and Oklahoma, they accounted for six of the eight teams that advanced to the College Baseball World Series.

3. VENABLES: He hopped into the Kade McIntyre late recruitment and it didn’t matter. The Nebraska native quickly committed to the Sooners. They also landed running back Kalib Hicks and it shouldn’t be long before they pluck five-star tackle Cayden Green.

4. COLLIN DUNN: It has been apparent that the three-star linebacker from Tuscaloosa has been wanting to be heavily pursued by Kansas State. That appears to be the case after they pivoted away from a Fall visit and hosted Collin Dunn for an official visit over the weekend.

5. OKLAHOMA SPRING SPORTS: They have been cooking in Norman. Fresh off a softball national championship, Oklahoma is in the College Baseball World Series and they remained hot by thumping Texas A&M in the opener.

1.TENNESSEE: The SEC would have looked even better had the Volunteers not completely withered as the top seed after being the best team in the nation from wire to wire this season. Apparently their ill will extends far beyond just the football program. Knoxville might be cursed.

2. LINEBACKER: Perhaps it looks a little better if Collin Dunn pulls the trigger, but the Wildcats appear not to be thundering ahead as much on the recruiting trail at linebacker.

3. TEXAS A&M / ROSS BJORK: At this point, the Aggies just have no self respect. Immediately after the dust-up between Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher played out publicly, reports from national media members have revealed that the Texas A&M administration pled with the league to suspend and / or fine the Alabama head coach for his statements.

4. ACC: Tying back to some of the research I’ve recently done, despite the Big 12 losing Texas and Oklahoma, they are probably the entity that is positioned the worse moving forward. While the Big 12’s value will be less without the Longhorns and Sooners, television rights deals are increasing in value and not decreasing. Thus, they’ll probably stand to make more but it just won’t inflate at the same rate we’ve seen from the SEC and will see from the Big Ten. The Big Ten will likely announce their next television contract very soon, followed by the Pac-12 and the Big 12 shortly after that. But the ACC’s deal lasts until 2036. Not being to negotiate a new television deal for that long is a huge drawback for that league. That was very poor planning and foresight by the last administration of that conference.

5. MICHIGAN: Imagine being the Wolverines. Former head coach Lloyd Carr’s grandson is a five-star quarterback (CJ Carr) in the Class of 2024 and picked rival Notre Dame instead. Not only that, the Wolverines aren’t considered the favorite for in-state five-star quarterback Dante Moore in the Class of 2023.

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