Is That Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain Singing in the Showtime Series?

George & Tammy is full of singing, from live performances of the fictionalized country music stars to studio recordings and beyond. Naturally, viewers wonder if that’s really Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon singing in the Showtime limited series. Both actors performed their own vocals while playing George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Find out how they trained to become fictional versions of country music’s most famous singers.

Jessica Chastain as Tammy Wynette and Michael Shannon as George Jones Dana Hawley/Showtime

Michael Shannon sings in the indie rock band Corporal

Before George & Tammy, Shannon was already a singer. He sings and plays guitar in Corporal, a folk rock band. Shannon plays alongside Ray Rizzo and Rob Beitzel. According to their website, Corporal has also featured musicians like Matt Scobee, Dave Wnorowski, Patrick Eckart, Corn Mo, Jonathan Mastro, JD Green, Roadie Rodahaffer, John Woodland, Paul Sparks, Brian Henry Schreck, and Jeff Tweedy through the years.

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