In the Flesh creator reviving the show for “fantasy” series 3

In the Flesh is coming back for a third series, but with a difference.

The teen zombie drama was a big hit for BBC Three in 2013 and 2014, but was axed after the channel had to shrink its output as it began the move to being online-only.

Now, creator Dominic Mitchell has revealed that he is going to start writing a third series, publish scripts online for fans to read and talk through the plot points of this hypothetical series on a podcast.


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The writer set up a Go Fund Me page, with a blurb that reads: “I’m Dominic Mitchell. A BAFTA winning writer and creator of the critically acclaimed cult hit show In The Flesh.

“Unfortunately due to budget cuts series 3 never made it on air. I’ve had so many ideas for a further series that I’ve decided to write the 1st Episode of a fantasy series 3. When it’s in the best shape it can possibly be, I will release some of it / all of it online for fans to read. “

On Twitter, he further elaborated that the script “isn’t a commission” while the fundraiser page is “for bills and all that”. At the time of writing, he has raised £ 311 of a £ 5,000 goal.

Following on from the initial announcements, Mitchell shared the first page of the script, featuring two middle-aged fitness fanatics running along a wall that’s apparently going to be important down the line (as it were).

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Of course, this has led to fans calling for BBC Three – which itself returned from the TV afterlife to become a broadcast channel once more – to revive the show. With the entertainment industry’s focus on bringing back old IP, could it actually happen? If not on TV, the folks over at Big Finish have been known to continue canceled BBC shows …

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