“I’mma blame a few people…I think Steve was a big culprit”

The Golden State Warriors are hoping to defend their title in the upcoming season. Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson will get another friendly face back in the locker room. After a long wait, Andre Iguodala finally announced that he will be returning for his 19th season.

The Warriors remained adamant that they would keep a roster spot open for Iguodala if he wanted to return for another season. Iguodala finally made the decision to return to the team with whom he has won four titles. Although Iguodala has seen his minutes go down, his impact for the Warriors cannot be understated.

Iguodala has become a crucial piece in the locker room, especially with the young pieces on Golden State’s roster. Speaking recently on the “Point Forward” podcast with Evan Turner, Iguodala announced his decision. He joked that his teammates were to “blame” for him returning to the Warriors.

“I’mma blame a few people. Steph Curry is one person that I’m going to blame. But I know, as a group, I’m blaming Draymond, Steph and Klay. Steve Kerr a little bit, Bob Myers. I I think they just really showed me a lot of love. You know what I mean.

“They really helped me see, you know, my presence outside of physically playing basketball. But also, you know, I think Steve was a big culprit in terms of, like, ‘Listen, we really need you on the court.’ And Draymond was big on that as well.”


Andre Iguodala returning to the Golden State Warriors for the 2022-23 season

Andre Iguodala and the Golden State Warriors after winning the 2022 NBA Finals.

Andre Iguodala announced he is returning to the Warriors for his 19th NBA season “I’m letting you know now, Steph, this the last one.” 🤣 https://t.co/jOdnDRSNI4

Last season, Iguodala averaged 4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists. But it’s not the production on the court that the Warriors are looking for from Iguodala. They want a leader who can help the young players develop. Even during last season’s finals run, Iguodala was consistently in Andrew Wiggins’ ears, pegging him to be more assertive.

The upcoming season will be huge for the Golden State Warriors in terms of player development. Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody and James Wiseman will be playing big minutes. With Iguodala back on the roster now, there’s another leader who can help them develop.


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