‘I was scared for them’ – Bellator MMA fighter Melvin Manhoef reveals journey to defend family from burglars

Melvin Manhoef said he left his preparation for a bout against Yoel Romero to return to his Netherlands home to protect his family from burglars.

The MMA fighter said that his wife and children in Holland found sheets of paper under his front door, which is sometimes used to see if people are in their home.

The BBC reports that his family checked film footage to discover a man who had placed the paper, and Manhoef headed back home.

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“At that moment my wife and children didn’t feel safe, because they didn’t know what could happen. I was scared for them, so I came back from Paris,” the 46-year-old said.

After Manhoef returned home he spotted three men in a car who drove away after seeing the fighter, and he claims he drove them off the road before apprehending the men.

“What I did was very dangerous but to protect my family I did what I had to do,” he explained.

“I got out of the car shouting, going crazy saying ‘my family’ and this and that, and I went over to their car and threw one punch through the window, opening all my hands.

“I got the guys, I was shouting and pulled them out. I didn’t hit them, but I had to say it, I was going out of my mind.

“I know it is a risk [to speed] but it was to protect the family. It isn’t good, but the adrenaline takes over. This is who I am and I want to protect my family.

“I said to them [while he waited for the police to arrive] ‘listen, do something with your life, but not this, man. Don’t steal from people. I know life is hard but don’t do this’.”

Manhoef’s fight with Romero was rescheduled as a result, and he will fight on Friday at Bellator 285 in Dublin in his last appearance.

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