How to get Revitalized Energy Body in Tower of Fantasy

Revitalized Energy Body (REB) is one of the many currencies players can obtain in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Players will want to get their hands on this oddly named currency so they can spend it during Executor Training. This event-exclusive payment item is hard to come by, however.


Tower of Fantasy players will have to battle some of the toughest world bosses in the game to get Revitalized Energy Body.

Obtain Revitalized Energy Body in Tower of Fantasy by defeating world bosses

A promotional image for the Executor Training event in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)

#TowerofFantasy ⚔ Executor Training▶ Event period: 23:00, Aug.22 – 23:00, Aug.29 (UTC-4)▽ Defeat the Overworld boss and get extra rewards! Including a chance to get the SSR Relic Colossus Arm! 😮Check the in-game notice for more details! #ToF

Players have the chance to get their hands on a Red Nucleus, Colossus Arms, a Joint Supply Chip, Weapon Augmentation Boxes, Weapon Batteries, a Matrix Data Pack, Gold, and more during the Executioner Training event.

The Colossus Arms may be the best reward to get. It costs 2000 Revitalized Energy Body. Typically, this SSR weapon takes a long, secret quest to obtain. During Executor Training, however, players can forget that quest and obtain the Colossus Arms by simply pressing the Purchase button.

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