How to Find the Stolen Lollipops

In Tower of Fantasy, greed drove humans to destroy their civilization, and they ventured to a distant planet called Aida to start a new one. Taking place in the far future, the game offers Missions that aid players in understanding the world storyline better. Wanderers can also gain materials, level up, and earn rewards while completing these quests.

In Tower of Fantasy, missions are divided into Main Line, Bounty, Message, Crew, Guide, Simulacrum, and Side missions. To better dive into the universe of Tower of Fantasyplayers have to be part of more than just the Main Line, such as finding the Stolen Lollipops, which is one of the Side missions.


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How To Find The Stolen Lollipops In Tower Of Fantasy

In order to recover the Stolen Lollipops, players need to set out on an adventure to find Lina, who’s hiding behind Fennie’s kitchen. However, to find Lina’s hiding place, wanderers must first complete a few quests to reveal her location.

How To Start The Stolen Lollipops Mission

The Tower of Fantasy‘s Stolen Lollipops Side Mission begins after talking to Lynx at Astra Shelter, who will explain to wanderers how he got back a shipment from Banges for the upcoming holidays, but a bunch of snot-nosed brats stole a bunch of candies for themselves, and won’t tell him where they hid it. Then, Lynx asks players to help locate the stolen goods.

However, wanderers will need to find Lily in order to assist him since she holds crucial information about the little thief’s location.

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Where To Find Lily

Hiding behind a tree not too far from Lynx, Lily becomes suspicious of the approach. Since she thinks wanderers are helping Lina win their hide-and-seek game, she refuses to answer any more questions about Lina’s location in order to keep her chances of winning half of the promised lollipops.

This is unless players are willing to offer her some candies as well, such as Sugar Papers.

To gain her trust, collect five bags of Sugar Papers, which are green and red bags that are scattered all over Astra’s shelter. Some Sugar Papers’ locations are:

  1. Next to Layla, above the Container
  2. Around Nico, behind a small rock
  3. Near the tree where Lily is hiding
  4. In the circular room, on the stairs
  5. In front of the plant pots, outside the Plant Research

Lily will spill Lina’s whereabouts after getting the Sugar Papers.

Where To Find Lina

Once players acquire Lina’s location from Lily, they can find her hiding near Fennie’s. Head over to her location and have a chat with the little girl, who will panic upon hearing that Mr. Lynx lost some lollipops and will deny ever seeing them.

However, after comforting her and reassuring her that Mr. Lynx won’t suspect that she was behind the robbery of his stolen candies, she will give up and hand over the Stolen Lollipops.

In order to get all the Tower of Fantasy rewards from this side mission, head back to Lynx and hand over all the collected candy. He will then assure players that he won’t let the kids get away the next time they decide to steal his candies again.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC and Mobile.

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