“He’s Gotta Work Himself up to Mine”: An NBA Player or a 2 Year Old Kid, Michael Jordan Doesn’t Cut Slack for Anyone

Michael Jordan is a name everybody has heard no matter whether someone watches basketball or not. Michael Jordan is a person who is famous simply for being himself. What MJ did in his 15 year career in the NBA remains unmatchable. Moreover, what he has achieved off the court also speaks volumes of his legacy. Michael Jordan became the richest athlete in the world a few years after he retired. His off the court investments, business ownerships and his Jordan brand helped him generate over $ 2 billion since 1984, the year in which he made his debut.

With all his talent, ability and prowess, MJ also embodied arrogance and ego. This, in turn, led to his unwavering self-belief. MJ’s competitiveness also became one of the major factors why he succeeded in almost everything he has ever done. Jordan is a humorous guy as well in person. And he is the same for everyone. For instance once Michael made an appearance on the Rosie O’Donnell Show, and showed his every emotion gracefully.


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Michael on the show brought in some cute apparels for Host Rosie’s 2 year old baby. He brought in Nike clothes and shoes. After which Rosie asked whether those apparels were from the Jordan line of clothing. As slick as Michael is, he confirmed that it is not and added, “This is little workout. You know, he’s gotta work himself up to my line. “

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This called prompted some “oohs” from the crowd and a stern reaction from O’Donnell. But very quickly Michael replied that he was just kidding and sent the crowd into laughter. Obviously, O’Donnell also knew he was joking but her reaction just made Michael’s punches land right on the funny spot. O’Donnell also joked about how Michael managed to bring the exact size and implied that he took his wife’s help. Jordan refused and told her that he had done his research.


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Michael’s response just showed that he is the same whether it be an NBA player or a 2 year old kid. We all know Michael’s ruthlessness with other opponents on the court. With O’Donnell’s kid as well, Jordan humorously mentioned how he must get to a certain level before wearing the Jordan brand.

Michael Jordan and his line of clothing


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Michael actually made an appearance on the Rosie O’Donnell Show on 9th September, 1997 to promote his new clothing line in affiliation with Nike. Jordan’s brand Jumpman made high strides in the 90s. Air Jordans were already a sensation worldwide a decade earlier and Michael’s new cologne also became the best selling perfume collection in 1996. Moreover, his clothing line was out and people were loving it.

On the show, the Blackstreet music band fashioned for the Jordan apparels and walked the aisle to present to the audience. The crowd was obviously ecstatic as they loved the little fashion show.


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The 90s were well and truly dominated by Michael Jordan. He dominated the NBA winning 6 championships. MJ also dominated off the court as his net worth kept increasing rapidly with the way he managed to expand his Jordan brand.

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