Has Patrick Mahomes unseated Tom Brady as NFL’s most clutch QB?

The Los Angeles Chargers relearned a lesson Sunday that’s been taught to them a couple of times already: Don’t give Patrick Mahomes the ball back in a close game with too much time left.

Mahomes led the Chiefs on a six-play, 75-yard touchdown drive in just 75 seconds to go up 30-27 with only 31 seconds remaining. It marked the fourth time this season that the Chiefs star quarterback has completed a second-half comeback, going 4-0 in games Kansas City trailed at halftime.

In his career, Mahomes is 13-7 in games that the Chiefs were trailing at halftime, making him the only quarterback since the AFL-NFL merger to have a record above .500 in such situations (minimum of 10 starts).

That’s why FOX Sports’ Shannon Sharpe is taking Mahomes over any quarterback in the NFL, including Tom Brady.

“Right now, in the clutch, Patrick Mahomes is where it’s at,” Sharpe said on Monday’s “Undisputed.” “Will he ever have the totality of all those moments [Brady had]? I don’t believe Mahomes is going to be playing in 40, 43, 44 playoff games. Now, if Andy Reid was like 50, maybe. But as long as Andy’s there, they’re going to be a force to reckon with and they’re going to be at the top.

“Right now, he’s the clutch quarterback in the NFL. He’s the clutchest in the NFL.”

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs come up clutch in win over rival Chargers in Week 11

Patrick Mahomes’ latest performance ahs Shannon Sharpe saying he’s the most clutch quarterback in the NFL.

Mahomes is among the top in many passing stats this season and Brady isn’t, Sharpe said. Mahomes leads the league in passing yards (3,265) while Brady is fourth (2,805). Mahomes leads the league in passing touchdowns (28) while Brady is tied for 17th (12). Mahomes is third in passer rating (107.3) and Brady is 13th (91.9).

Although Brady isn’t having the best season of his career at 45, he’s led the Buccaneers down the field for touchdowns late in the game twice this season, Bayless said.

“They lost at the Steelers but once again, he was sensational. He’s the clutch magician,” Bayless said. “He goes 73 [yards] on the 14th [plays] late in the game and hit the touchdown pass to [Leonard] Fournette that would have tied the game but they go for two and miss. But it was still a long clutch drive.

“Then against the Rams … he goes two straight long drives at the end of the game. The first one, Scotty Miller drops the touchdown pass and Cade Otton drops another one at the goal line and he said ‘OK, I’ll do it again.’ So, he goes 53 [yards] on 12 [plays] then he goes 63 [yards] in six [plays] and hits Cade Otton for the game-winner. The point is, he’s still doing this.”

How Patrick Mahomes’ game is ‘like Brady but with three gifts’

How Patrick Mahomes' game is 'like Brady but with three gifts'

Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a 30-27 win against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Night Football. Mahomes went 20-of-34 for 352 yards and three touchdowns in the Chiefs comeback win. Colin Cowherd breaks down how Mahomes’ game is like ‘Brady with three other gifts.’

Although Brady has the most fourth-quarter comebacks in NFL history with 52, Colin Cowherd said Mahomes has traits that Brady doesn’t.

“There’s a little Brady [in Mahomes], just add to it: a better arm, lots of mobility and an offensive coach in Andy Reid,” Cowherd said on Monday’s “The Herd.” “It’s like Brady with three other gifts. … It’s the only quarterback in my life, not even Brady gave you this. When the Chargers were driving down the field, the entire discussion was ‘Don’t score too soon.’ It wasn’t about scoring. It was about ‘don’t score too soon. Oh a minute and a half left, they may have scored too soon.’

“Well, after he came back in 13 seconds to beat Buffalo, I get it. What a spectacular talent. How lucky is the NFL that he’s the face of the league.”

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