Frank Miller Launches YA Fantasy Series Pandora with Emma Kubert

Comic book veteran Frank Miller has recruited artist Emma Kubert to co-create Pandora, a new YA fantasy series about a girl who is searching for magic

As comic book legend Frank Miller gets the ball rolling with his new publishing company, he’s bringing in artist Emma Kubert to co-create Pandoraa new fantasy series aimed at young adult readers.

Miller is a name comic book fans associate with a number of classic works. From his original stories such as 300, Roninand Sin City, to beloved runs on superheroes such as Batman and Daredevil, the writer / artist is a veritable icon in the comics world. In a move that made waves among comic book aficionados, Miller announced he was creating Frank Miller Presents, his own independent publishing venture. Miller brought joy to fans with the revelation that he would be creating new material for some of his previous creator-owned work, but he also emphasized that the company would also be publishing new work that he personally oversees. Now, fans are getting a first look at one of the newest titles Frank Miller Presents will be debuting soon.


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In an exclusive interview with Comicsbeat, Miller and Emma Kubert discussed Pandora, a young adult fantasy series that Kubert would be taking on art duties for. Kubert joins writers Anthony Maranville and Chris Silvestri to tell the story of Annabeth, a girl “who is unfulfilled in her life, and she’s searching for more“. Annabeth’s desire for more sends her on a journey to find that something she’s missing, only for chaos to follow. The two kept quiet on other details on Pandorabut art from the series was shared as was the news that the series will be composed of three 48-page prestige format issues.

Pandora Frank Miller Presents

Interestingly, Miller also brought up older fairy tales such as the ones made famous by the Brothers Grimm, noting that many of them weren’t afraid to shy away from darker, more horrific themes. Despite this aside, Miller ensures that Pandora is definitely meant for younger readers. He’s already had some experience in the YA genre with Cursed, an illustrated novel he co-created with Tom Wheeler. Frank Miller’s take on King Arhtur, Cursed will be receiving a Netflix adaptation. but Pandora shows that fans can expect the unexpected with Frank Miller’s future project with his newest venture.

While a lauded veteran in comics, there’s no doubt that Miller’s name is associated with mostly adult-oriented material. His creator-owned works often deal with mature subjects, largely violence and sexual situations. While Frank Miller Presents is giving fans of his classic stories more of the content they loved in the creator’s heyday, stories like Pandora show he’s branching out and trying to reach new readers. It’s a smart approach with fantasy genres being quite popular with younger generations. Frank Miller and Emma Kubert’s collaboration on Pandora may be a needed step to make the new publishing company as successful as possible.

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