Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod brings back the polygonal look

A previous mod for Final Fantasy 7 Remake swapped the high-resolution model of Cloud wearing a dress for a more low-poly look, but now the mod we’ve all been waiting for is here: one that replaces the expressive and high-resolution models of all Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s playable characters for the pointy polygons of the 1990s. Specifically, of the 1998 Windows version, which you can tell because unlike in the 1997 PlayStation original they’ve got mouths. (A mystery our own intrepid Wes Fenlon delved into in Why the hell do they have mouths: a Final Fantasy 7 PC retrospective.)

The Polygonal Players mod (opens in new tab) by FantasyRaider replaces Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Barret, as well as Yuffie and Sonon from the Intermission chapter, in both gameplay and in-engine cutscenes—although the cinematics made with higher-definition models will show the remake’s characters. It’s super weird seeing Cloud’s Lisa Simpson hair and staircase eyebrows alongside the modern-looking characters, and wielding high-def weapons, but entertainingly so.

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