Final Fantasy 13 Player Discovers Funny Easter Egg

A Final Fantasy 13 player discovers a funny Easter egg in the early location of Hanging Edge that shows Lightning reacting to their controller inputs.

Square Enix released Final Fantasy 13 way back in 2010, and since then, several hidden details, ideal strategies, and fun Easter eggs have been unveiled by dedicated fans, with many that continue playing to this day. One Final Fantasy 13 fan has discovered a funny Easter egg in which the protagonist, Lightning, gets annoyed and breaks the fourth wall.

Reddit user Kazesora28 recently shared a Final Fantasy 13 clip in which the player wiggles the analog controller until the game picks up on their input and sends a message through Lightning in response. Because of how popular Lightning was during the Final Fantasy 13 campaign, a three-part saga was released in two subsequent games that continue her story through her eyes and from the perspective of others Final Fantasy heroes. Although the Easter egg pointed out by Kazesora28 is far from the first one to be spotted in Final Fantasy 13it may be the best representation of Lightning’s character.


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Kazesora28’s clip begins with the player exploring the introductory area of Final Fantasy 13, the Hanging Edge of Cocoon, in what is a fresh playthrough of the RPG from two generations ago. Swerving Lightning from side to side as Final Fantasy 13‘s Sazh Katzroy watches on, Kazesora28 spots a unique Easter egg involving Lightning in which she stops the player from continuing to move her around at will. The jerking motions in Kazesora28’s video end as Lightning throws one of her hands to the side and makes an annoyed and exasperated face. The clip of Lightning in Final Fantasy 13 concludes with the main character facing the camera and the player pausing for a moment in possible surprise by the unexpected but accurate portrayal of Lightning’s character in the form of this Easter egg.

Because Lightning is often seen as stern and powerful, her response in Kazesora28’s clip is a very fitting use of fourth wall breaking that has the character subtly interacting with the player when they choose to move her around so erratically. Although Lightning had a funny reaction to Kazesora28’s controller inputs, Sazh Katzroy stands by without comment despite the fact that he may normally make a joke about the situation given his personality. While it’s currently unclear if otherwise Final Fantasy 13 characters that players take control of react in the same way when moved side to side as in Kazesora28’s video, they have similar reactions when they sit on a Chocobo for too long.

According to Kazesora28, they discovered this Final Fantasy 13 Easter egg on a fresh save which explains their early location, and they state that the Lightning Saga encapsulates their favorite Final Fantasy titles of all time. Responding to a comment asking Kazesora28 about their favorite aspects of the trilogy, the Reddit user points to Final Fantasy 13‘s story, characters, music, and pacing as some of the reasons they enjoy the Final Fantasy 13 branch of games which ends with Lightning Returns.

Final Fantasy 13 is available now for mobile, PC, and Xbox One.

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