Draft NBA 2022 LIVE | The Heat chose Serbian Nikola Jovic, don’t confuse him with Jokic

Tonight, with the firm objective of becoming stars, the players under 23 years of age with the best productivity averages in their respective college teams and even in other international leagues will join one of the 30 teams competing in the NBA.

They have already done their homework to reach the Barclays Center in New York and now it is the turn of the franchises’ executives to choose the talent they believe can help them be protagonists in their respective conferences.

Old selection system

Since 1947the league established a system that allows teams to nurture new talent, but its primary objective is to shore up the franchises that at the end of the season proved to be the least productive.

Through the selection of available players who have not participated in the NBA, teams can reinforce themselves with the most promising rookies from their previous clubs.

In this sense, the event consists of making 60 selections available to the 30 franchises that participate in the NBA. That is to say, two per team, which in turn, since 1989will be carried out in two rounds.

It should be noted that previously it was not only possible to select college players, but also high school talent. However, since 2006, this is no longer possible and now the NBA establishes that prospects must be at least 19 years old and to be considered, one year must have passed after graduation.

Prospects to watch

For this year, the main players to follow will be Jabari Smith and Chet Holmgren, as their enormous potential puts them in the sights of most teams that will have the opportunity to choose first. However, behind these youngsters is Paolo Banchero.

All three possess different characteristics and perhaps only overlap in that they are all over 69 “.

Keegan Murray, Jeremy Sochan, Jalen Duren and Mark Williams, are other players who come behind them in terms of team preferences.

In this perspective, we invite you to follow live all the movements that will take place in the NBA Draft 2022.

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