Do the Jonas brothers train MMA?

Although primarily known for their musical prowess, it looks like the global pop-rock icons, the Jonas brothers, can throw hands if it comes down to it.

According to a report by FANSIDED, Nick Jonas trains MMA at the elite Unbreakable Gym in California alongside long-time friend and fellow musician Demi Lovato. Additionally, Nick was one of the leads in the mixed martial arts series Kingdom, in which he played the role of an up-and-coming fighter. So it is only logical that the pop icon took some MMA lessons during that time.

Watch Nick Jonas’ fight scene from the Kingdom series below:


The 30-year-old also maintains close friendships with many fighters.

Similar to his younger sibling, Joe Jonas is also known to dabble in MMA. In a video released by TMZ in 2016, the 33-year-old can be seen engaging in some hardcore MMA workouts with former UFC fighter Chung Le. In the video, Joe Jonas is seen working on some striking and takedown drills with the mixed martial arts veteran.

When Joe Jonas joked about the Jonas brothers taking on the Hemsworth brothers in an MMA match

It looks like Joe Jonas is more than ready to put his mixed martial arts skills to the test.

In an appearance on The The Tonight Show last year, Joe Jonas joked with host Jimmy Fallon, saying that the Jonas brothers were planning to take on the popular Hemsworth brothers in an MMA match.

The 33-year-old stated that they were keen to follow in the footsteps of many successful YouTube boxing stars and set up a celebrity UFC fight of their own:

“We’re going to take note from all the YouTubers that are having these boxing matches and we’re going to have a big UFC match. It’s going to be us versus the Hemsworth brothers. The Hemsworths haven’t emailed us back yet, but it’s gonna be big.”

Watch The Tonight Show episode featuring the Jonas brothers below:


Reacting to his brother’s crazy proposition, Kevin Jonas asked where Joe really wanted to take on the mighty Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth. Jimmy Fallon quickly chimed in, saying:

“Maybe there’s a couple Hemsworths out there that we don’t know of that you could maybe challenge or something.”

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