Dedicated Modder Upscales Thousands Of Assets For Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake may not have had the best of starts on PC, coming out with reviews saying how it was poorly optimized for the platform, but it has since gone from strength to strength. It has inspired especially the modding community with an array of useful, creative, quirky, sexy, and absurd mods now available for the Square Enix remake of its classic RPG.

One of these mods is truly a work of dedication as a single modder has upscaled more than 20,000 textures for the game. Altezein has updated his mod, which upscales textures for environments, characters, enemies, objects, weapons, and more.

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All textures below 2K have been upscaled to twice their original size for the mod. “The result enhances the texture quality for the entire game regarding output resolution (1080 onwards)”, the description reads. “Differences can be seen in standard gameplay, but are even more evident in closeups, cutscenes and photo mode”. Those interested can check out what the mod does in the below video.


It is a major mod that must’ve required hours of work, and a friend of the modder called attention to Altezein’s dedication. “He has basically upscaled thousands of low res textures and assets of Final Fantasy 7 Remake which to be honest, was pretty much needed in certain parts of the game. I have been giving him a lot of feedback as well, finding issues and bad textures too “.

Posted on Resetera, it was noted also that: “there are some assets and textures that were so low res that he couldn’t find a way to fix them but I think he is still finding new ways to improve them so the project might still continue depending on the feedback “.

Those wanting to install the mod should make sure they have enough space though, since the total uncompressed size of the mod is a whopping 57.8 GB. The ‘FF7 Remake HD Project’ mod can be found on Nexus Mods here.

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