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Dawson Mercer is certainly hoping to be a part of some big moments at Prudential Center, as the 20-year-old enters his second NHL season. His hockey skills will certainly drive those big moments, but on Sunday night, he was part of another, the non-hockey big moment at Prudential Center, the 2022 MTV VMA’s.

Mercer, along with Arthur Kade, was posted up along the signature black carpet ready to meet and interview the performers as they made their way into the Prudential Center.

It was a long way from home in Newfoundland, but Mercer handled himself like a champ.

Video: Mercer with Justina Valentine | VMAS

Keep reading for more exclusive clips of Mercer on the black carpet and all his interviews.

One of the hottest artists at the VMAs, Yung Gravy stopped by to chat with Dawson Mercer and he shared that although he doesn’t play hockey himself, he does have his very own Stanley Cup ring.

Video: Dawson Mercer with Yung Gravy | VMAs

Things get very Canadian when Cheech and Chong stop by to chat with Dawson.

Tommy Chong is from Alberta and Dawson of course is from Newfoundland.

Video: Mercer with Cheech & Chong | VMAS

Dawson isn’t catfishing anyone. Yes, he’s old enough to play hockey and handled himself just fine in the best league in the world.

Video: Mercer with Nev Schulman | VMAS

Saturday Night Live’s Chloe Fineman stopped by to talk with Dawson and Arthur and while she may be funny, Dawson wasn’t having any of it when it came to messing with his hair!

Video: Mercer with Chloe Fineman | VMAS

Along came Kane Brown, the country artist that Dawson from the get-go said he was most excited to potentially meet and was able to present him with a Devils’ official third jersey.

Video: Mercer with Kane Brown | VMAS

Singer and actress Chloe, at 24 years old, shot into fame at a young age. Just four years older than Dawson, who just completed his rookie season, Chloe offers him a bit of advice about navigating stardom early on.

Video: Mercer with Chloe | VMAS

Singer and social media personality Dixie D’Amelio has some experience on the ice, but it’s safe to say her experiences were not as successful as Dawson’s have been.

Video: Dawson Mercer with Dixie D’Amelio | VMAs

Along came Betty Who, the Australian-American singer/songwriter, who is married to a Canadian, and where hockey is a topic of conversation in their household. Watch as Dawson gives Betty Who a bit of hockey advice!

Video: Mercer with Betty Who | VMAS

And finally, Columbian singer J Balvin stopped by to chat with Dawson.

Video: Dawson Mercer With J Balvin | VMAs

And of course, we all know how charming Dawson Mercer can be, it looks like he helped bring in some new members to the Devils fanbase!

Tweet from @NJDevils: Welcome to the Devils family, @kanebrown! 🤌 pic.twitter.com/lPPVEGB3sF

Tweet from @NJDevils: Darn right, @BettyWho. 😤 pic.twitter.com/rvgLFwur6l

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