Daniela Romo assures that Silvia Pinal is not a diva

Daniela Romo / Agencia México

Daniela Romo is in full promotion of the concerts that will be held in Mexico City, Monterrey and Jalisco as part of a tour where she will celebrate her life and her long artistic career.

A little over a week from the start of her tour, the singer has placed herself in the public eye to pronounce with respect to the name with which the first actress Silvia Pinal is cataloged.

During the interview granted to the program Venga la AlegríaDaniela was questioned about whether she would like to be considered a music diva, to which she replied:

“A mí no me molesta, pero lo que pasa es que eso ya no existe, ese es un concepto que se hizo en Hollywood, en los años donde hicieron a las divas, que además eran unalcanzables e untouchables, entonces, las divas eran esas , era lo que todo el mundo deseaba y lo que nodie podría tener jamás”.

Sin embargo, the explanation of Romo did not stop there, because he immediately referred to the mother of Alejandra Guzmán, who recently received a tribute at the Palacio de Bellas Artes for her contribution to the world of theater, cinema and television.

“Como muchas de esas y aquí en México haz de cuenta pues las que fueron, así le dicen a Silvia Pinal, ‘La ultima diva del cine'”, expressed the interpreter of “Yo no te pido la luna”.

But al ser interrogada sobre si considera que Silvia es la ultima diva, immediately contested: “Ustedes le dicen, yo no dije que yo le diga, aquí ha habido muchas, desde Andrea Palma”.

Radically changing the topic, after making sure that she didn’t want to participate in a concept like GranDiosas, Daniela made it clear that until now none of her peers in the artistic medium have refused to work with her.

“No afortunadamente, a lo mejor no me lo han dicho en mi cara, pero a lo mejor han dicho ‘yo ni mad$#* que voy’, pues puede ser el caso, no soy monedita de oro ni nada de eso”, remató

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