Damar Hamlin ‘resuscitated twice’ after collapsing on-field in Buffalo Bills NFL clash | US | News

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, 23, was resuscitated twice after he collapsed during a National Football League (NFL) match against the Cincinnati Bengals, a relative has claimed. Dorrian Glenn, Hamlin’s uncle, provided an update outside the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center.

Glenn told CNN: “His heart had gone out, so they had to resuscitate him twice.

“They resuscitated him on the field before they brought him to the hospital, and then they resuscitated him a second time when they got him to the hospital.”

He added: “I’m not a crier, but I’ve never cried so hard in my life… my nephew basically died on the field, and they brought him back to life.

“I’m just glad he’s still alive and able to fight and trying to get better and recover.”

Glenn also thanked the medical staff, saying: “If not for them, my nephew probably wouldn’t be here.”

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Hamlin was left in a critical condition after making an open-field tackle against Bengals’ 23-year-old receiver Tee Higgins.

The Buffalo Bills’ clash against the Cincinnati Bengals was subsequently suspended.

In a statement last night, the NFL said: “Hamlin received immediate medical attention on the field by team and independent medical staff and local paramedics.

“He was then transported to a local hospital where he is in critical condition.

“Our thoughts are with Damar and the Buffalo Bills. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

“The NFL has been in constant communication with the NFL Players Association which is in agreement with postponing the game.”

Bills head coach Sean McDermott, 48, led the team in prayer as the ambulance escorted Hamlin off the field.

Many of Hamlin’s Buffalo Bills teammates were reduced to tears and the game was suspended in the first quarter.

Buffalo Bills also offered their support to Hamlin on social media.

In a Twitter post, the New York-based side said: “The thoughts and prayers of all of Bills Mafia are supporting you, Damar.”

Hamlin’s parents have been by his side and were present at the game at the Paycor Stadium in Ohio.

Following the incident, generous supporters helped Hamlin’s campaign to raise money to buy toys for needy children.

The campaign initially raised almost $3,000 (£2,500) over two years.

However, the total has since exceeded $5.5 million (£4.6 million).

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