Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion DMW summon locations

In Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, you’ll use the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) to turn the tides in battle, limit break, bring in summons, and heal. While you’ll unlock limit breaks in the DMW by just completing the story, the summons and chocobo mode companions won’t unlock unless you complete side missions.

Below, we list out where to get the extra DMW images for summons and chocobo mode.

Where to find DMW summons

Ifrit location

You’ll unlock this one right away from M8-1-1. You will need to re-fight Ifrit to get the materia.

Bahamut location

You get the Bahamut materia from beating M8-1-4after taking on Bahamut again.

Bahamut Fury location

You won’t get Bahamut Fury until you clear most of Yuffie’s missions, as this is the final reward for her little quest line. You’ll need to re-battle it in M8-5-6but beware as it’s much stronger than it was when you first took it down.

Odin location

You can grab Odin materia from beating M8-1-6.

Phoenix location

Phoenix isn’t obtained via a mission. You’ll need to find it in Nibelheim. As soon as you arrive, talk to the little boy in the main part of town. He’ll talk about the seven wonders of Nibelhiem, noting that the water in the town has gone all red. After talking to him, climb up the water tower in the middle of town to grab the Phoenix materia.

Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Important note: If you do not collect this before talking to Sephiroth in the basement of Shinra Manor, you will not be able to go back and grab it.

Where to find DMW chocobo mode companions

Shortly after starting the game, you’ll have a mission in Wutai, where you’ll run into a familiar face: Yuffie. After this, you’ll unlock a set of missions (M8-4 and M8-5) that will give you about half of these companions to unlock.

Chocobo location

The Chocobo is the first reward you’ll get for beating M8-4-1.

Cactus location

You’ll unlock Cactuar after beating M10-1-3but in order to unlock this chunk of missions you’ll have to find a bonus enemy in an earlier mission.

In M3-1-3, there’s a Cactuar enemy before you fight the Genesis clone. It’s visible from afar, so you don’t have to worry about seeking it out in a random encounter.

Tonberry location

Tonberry unlocks after you beat M10-2-3but again, you’ll need to find and defeat a Tonberry in an earlier mission to unlock the M10-2 set.

The Tonberry can be seen hanging out in M6-1-5. Just like Cactuar, it’s visible from afar rather than a random encounter.

Cait Sith location

Cait Sith is another companion unlocked via Yuffie’s “From a Hot Treasure Hunter” missions, this time unlocked by completing M8-4-3.

Moogle location

You’ll get a Moogle once you beat it M8-4-4another Yuffie treasure hunting mission.

Magic Pot location

Magic Pot demands that Zack uses

Image: Square Enix via Polygon

In order to get Magic Pot, you need to encounter it randomly in mission 10-2-3. Magic Pot will appear as an enemy with tons of HP, but you just need to use the materia it demands to appease it. Once you do, it’ll skitter off and you’ll get Magic Pot added to the DMW.

Magic Pot will ask you to perform Fira, Gravity, Assault Rushand Jump.

Most of these are easy to find just from progressing in the game, but Gravity can be found in some specific missions. We completed mission 8-2-5 and then talked to the scientist in the Materia Room in the Shinra building to get it.

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