Cedric Maxwell has amazing response to Draymond Green’s 1980s NBA comments

Celtics legend has amazing response to Draymond Green’s 1980s NBA comments originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Former Boston Celtics forward Cedric Maxwell knows what it’s like to play in a physical NBA Finals.

He was a key player in the 1984 NBA Finals between the Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers – a series that had its share of memorable rough-and-tumble moments, most notably the Kevin McHale clothesline of Kurt Rambis and Maxwell getting shoved from behind by James Worthy.

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Maxwell’s Celtics are back in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, and the series is tied 1-1 entering Wednesday night’s Game 3 at TD Garden. The Warriors evened the series in Game 2, thanks in part to the defense and physicality of veteran forward Draymond Green.

Maxwell couldn’t resist reacting to Green’s antics from Sunday night’s matchup.

“Let me just say this to you, and I’m going to be as clear as I can,” Maxwell said after Game 2. “That (expletive) Draymond was doing? During the 1980s, he’d (have) got knocked the (expletive) out. ”

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Green was ready to react to Maxwell’s remarks.

“I saw what Cedric Maxwell said. One thing that baffles me about the ’80s or the’ 90s, or whenever you want to call it when basketball was so much more physical, is some of the guys that be talking weren’t the guys that were punching people, ”Green said at his Tuesday afternoon press conference. “They act like guys was just walking around the court, like, I’m hitting this guy in the nose.

Maxwell joined NBC Sports Boston’s “Boston Sports Tonight” on Tuesday night to respond to Green’s latest comments about him and the physicality of the league in the 1980s.

The Celtics legend didn’t disappoint. Check out his reaction in the video below:

It’ll be fascinating to see how the Celtics respond to Green’s energy and physicality in Game 3. Boston fans in the crowd will definitely be into it, but should the Celtics fight fire with fire or just ignore Green?

Regardless of what Green does or doesn’t do, the Celtics must protect the ball. They committed 19 turnovers in Game 2, and the Warriors scored 33 points off those miscues. Turnovers were the difference in the game and should again play a pivotal role in the outcome Wednesday night.

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