Calls For Snoop Dogg To Be Fired From The UFC

On this day five years ago, there were calls for Snoop Dogg to be relieved from his UFC duties.

Snoop Dogg has become known as one of the most versatile, ubiquitous celebrities in American history. Whether it’s gangster rap, Hollywood films, reality TV, or cooking with Martha Stewart, the DO-Double G can be found anywhere and at any given moment. Some newer MMA fans may be unaware, but at one time, one of the many hats Snoop wore was that of, get this, a UFC commentator.

During the first season of Dana White’s Contender Series, there was an alternate broadcast for viewers where the commentators were none other than MMA legend Urijah Faber and Snoop Dogg. The two would provide a less filtered and much looser flavor to UFC commentary, with the two even enjoying Tanqueray and smoking blunts together during the broadcast.

However, on this day five years ago, as you’ll find in the following article, it was most certainly not all fun and games.

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The last story we ran on Snoop Dogg had him catch heat from another dog, Bellator featherweight champion Pitbull Freire, after Snoop backed AJ McKee to defeat him at Bellator 263.

Regarding the following story, weeks later, Snoop’s then-broadcast partner Urijah Faber came to his defense while Matt Brown wanted to rough him up.

So what was all the fuss about? You can find out below.

The following story is presented to you in its original, unaltered form, courtesy of The MMA News Archives.

On This Day Five Years Ago…


Headline: Calls For Snoop Dogg To Be Fired From The UFC For McGregor Video

Author: Adam Haynes

When a profanity laden video emerged over the weekend of rapper and UFC commentator Snoop Dogg tearing into Conor McGregor, some were not impressed

What Snoop Dogg may lack in MMA knowledge would clearly be made up for in his star power and entertaining analysis of bouts, or so it was sold to fans.

It appears that many are growing tired of the aged hip hop star’s lack of objectivity and controversial comments, it would seem. Last month, the Californian was criticized by fighters such as Al Iaquinta and Matt Brown for stating that Jon Jones ‘made Daniel Cormier cry like an ab*tch’ following his UFC 214 loss.

In the video which appeared on Sunday morning, an intoxicated Snoop Dogg absolutely tears into the promotion’s biggest star [Conor McGregor] following his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his boxing debut.

UFC welterweight Alan Jouban is another fighter who clearly feels that Snoop Dogg has no place commenting in the promotion:

“A lot of people are not speaking up on this topic but I can’t be one of those anymore. @danawhite @ufc how can we employ this guy and co-promote the two brands together when all he does is trash our fighters. I grew up loving Snoops music and his cool persona too but he knows nothing about MMA and makes a mockery of the sport. A lot of people give him a pass because its Snoop. But it’s more negativity than good that I hear from him daily. He’s just getting paid and don’t care about @ufc. How he spoke about @dc_mma and others shouldn’t allow him a job opening with our company. I’m out!”

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