Boston Celtics featured in NBA’s ‘best games of 2022’ compilation

The 2022 calendar year was an absolutely wild ride for the Boston Celtics in terms of off-court issues. These issues ranged from trade rumors sparked by Brooklyn Nets star forward Kevin Durant’s ask out of that organization to currently suspended Celtics head coach Ime Udoka’s misconduct and the fallout it subsequently caused.

There were setbacks from recoveries as we saw with starting center Robert Williams III, and players getting severely injured as we saw with vet forward Danilo Gallinari and his ACL tear in FIBA ​​World Cup qualifier play, and we haven’t even touched on what happened for Boston on the court last year.

Thankfully, we have the NBA for that, with the league having recently put together a compendium of all the best games that took place in the 2022 Calendar year.

Take a look at the clip embedded above to see what the Association has assembled to such an end courtesy of their YouTube Channel, kicked off by your favorite basketball team.

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