Bolton teen to represent England in MMA competition

A teenager from Brighton has been selected to represent England at a mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament next month.

Izzy McGaughey has been selected as the first pick for her country in the lightweight category.

The 18-year-old will travel to Serbia in the coming weeks to represent her country in the IMMAF knock out competition.

In preparation, she is training every day with the Manchester Top Team gym.

Training alternates between different forms of fighting such as wrestling and jujitsu.

Under MMA, competitors fight an opponent in a cage and are allowed to punch, elbow, knee, throw an opponent or choke them not now allowed to poke someone in the eye.

The competition works as a knock out so people play until they are eliminated.

There is also a play off to obtain the third place.

It takes place every year but this is the first time Izzy has been selected to take part.

She said: “It is basically the Olympics but it is not funded so you have to fund yourself.

“I have been selected for England and I will be against people from all over the world.

“There are two in each category and I was the first pick.

“I am excited and buzzing for it, it is my biggest challenge so far.

“I am training every day even though I am injured all the time.”

She will travel to Serbia with many years of experience under her belt.

Izzy started wrestling aged four when she was encouraged to take part by her brothers.

When she started at secondary school she started judo then got into boxing before deciding to go for MMA.

She also says there has been little stigma attached to being a woman involved in fighting.

Izzy added: “I think people look at me and go ‘I can see it’ to be honest.”

“Sometimes people say ‘you can hit hard for a girl’ but I think it should be ‘you hit hard for anyone.'”

Her trip can be supported here.

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