Bolton: New mixed martial arts gym set to open

Team Sweeney Wrestling of Bolton is planning to open new premises on Derby Street but wants to keep the name of the gym a secret until it opens.

The wrestling organization consists of Mark Holmes, aged 51, and Dave Sweeney, aged 33, who between them teach a variety of wrestling styles and disciplines.

Mark said: “At the moment everybody knows me in Bolton anyway, when it opens up it’ll be like a ‘boom’, a big surprise kind of thing.

“We’re trying to sort keys out and funding. We’ve got the place but for the funding I have a meeting about getting it, we’re doing it for the community so we’re trying to get funding from Bolton CVS.”

Dave Sweeney has ‘travelled around the world’ doing pro wrestling

Mark also said how Team Sweeney Wrestling are making sure to get the correct accreditation for the gym as well as making sure it’s all certified.

He added: “I’ve been teaching for over 25 years now.

“We’re trying to get the funds to do the gym up, equipment and get set up and started.

“We haven’t got funds at the moment so it’s about getting the funds to do it.

“Every walk of life people want to fight, want to train and enjoy themselves, learn something new, for kids, for women, basically for the community.

The Bolton News: Mark Holmes has been teaching for over 25 yearsMark Holmes has been teaching for over 25 years

“I’ll be doing boxing and my partner will be wrestling, he’s traveled all around the world pro wrestling, professional mixed martial arts.

“A coach will come in to teach wrestling, MMA, submission, grappling, and more, we’re catering for everybody.”

If you’d like to contribute to funding the gym, here is the link to their GoFundMe:

If you’d like to get in touch with Teem Sweeney Wrestling, contact Mark on 07770 741 229.

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